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The ideas that come to „Creator‘s Corner“ become natural handmade products, inspired by surrounding nature, forests and rivers, where all this creation is truly born.  There are so many gifts of nature, that bring joy for us, therefore we would like to share some of them with you. In this way, invoking our knowledge and intuition, we create natural products for our clients and ourselves.

The incense of „Creator‘s Corner“ are created with love from carefully selected natural ingredients, which bring very pleasant and soft fragrances, with a balancing, refreshing, inspiring and calming effect. Yet it provides energy, patience and strength at the same time.

During the creation of our handmade candles, we also pay great attention to natural ingredients to make them. Therefore, they are made only from natural soy wax without any synthetic fragrances or other harmful ingredients.

In our Creator’s Corner workshop we create handmade wooden toys for children. One of our newest projects is a table-diarama for kids. These tables are perfect to inspire children’s creativity and decorates their environment, where they play and spend their time.

We hope that soon we will be able to share our natural handmade cosmetic products, which became a great part of our lovely daily life.

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