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“Creator’s Corner” is a small family business. Our natural handmade products are inspired by nature, forests and rivers, where all this creation is truly born. Step by step we are returning nature, simple and natural living, so we invite you to come with us.

You can find here our natural handmade incense, wich are made only from natural herbs, essential oils, sacred woods and resins. Natural, harmoniously burning incense not only unfolds a pleasant fragrance and purifies the atmosphere, but also helps to calm down, cleanse and inspire yourself. It is a very meaningful and useful ritual before prayer and meditation or after a hard day at work.

We are also happy to share with you our natural handmade wooden toys for kids. Watching our children play and seeing their natural need to be close to the nature, playing and just being there, we decided to carry a little piece of it to our home. Considering how our children play, listening and watching them, we started to create handmade wooden toys for kids. You can also find here our other natural handmade creations, made from natural wood and minerals – amulets and tablemats.

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