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Homepage / Guard Tower

Guard Tower




The idea is born in the mind and then it is drawn on the paper. It takes some time to think about the realization of the idea and only then the creation starts. First, little bricks are made and it takes some time for them to harden. Then every little brick is checked and polished by hand. One by one the bricks are glued to the house until the strong block is made. Little wooden tiles are cut carefully and then glued one by one to each other until a beautiful roof of the house is made. Then it comes the time to measure and cut wooden windows, to make them look beautifully matched to the house. Every little stick is measured, polished and glued by hand. And then there comes the time to give colors and „personality“ to this creation. 🙂 Several painting techniques, mastered through the long years of practice, are used for the painting process to create „invisible“ effects.

This Guard Tower often takes a special place in the fields of board games and decorates various dioramas, however, it depends only on you where this creation will stand. It is also a perfect gift for older children, it can bring an inspiration to create. Every Guard Tower is made only for You, in this way every creation is different, you can not find the same Tower. The colors or other elements may differ, yet it will remain your own personal Guard Tower.

The production of Guard Tower will start once we receive the payment for your purchase. The time of creation is from 3 to 7 days.