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Homepage / Handmade Incense “Eucalyptus”
Homepage / Handmade Incense “Eucalyptus”

Handmade Incense “Eucalyptus”




The aroma of Eucalyptus incense is refreshing, purifying, and clears the mind and thoughts.

Eucalyptus is considered an evergreen tree. This tree perfectly drains the soil and cleans the climate. Eucalyptos means well-hidden in Greek. This tree has a strong antiviral effect, which helps the sick person and protects other people who come into contact with the sick person. It also helps to focus and strengthens the nervous system. According to Chinese medicine experts, the warming effect of eucalyptus helps to transcend established norms, opens the heart, and awakens the spirit. According to Ayurvedic doctors, eucalyptus helps to get rid of apathy.


Ingredients: eucalyptus leaves, pine, lavender, myrrh and other natural herbs, and resins.


Elegant box contains 12 incense cones.