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Homepage / Handmade Incense “Greetings from the Bees”
Homepage / Handmade Incense “Greetings from the Bees”

Handmade Incense “Greetings from the Bees”




The bee pith, which is one of these incense ingredients, is a natural gift of Mother nature and bees. It cleanses all the surroundings, helps in cases of the common cold and brings warm and rich aroma full of soft honey redolence.

From ancient times the bees were worshiped as sacred workers of Gods. Due to great respect for the bees, the people didn‘t argue, swore or behaved immodestly in front of them. The men often took their hats off when they stood around the bees. Therefore, the bees were greatly honoured, as it was the Goddess of the bees – Austėja.

The feast of Goddess Austėja was celebrated in the middle of August. During that time, people worshiped the herbs that produced nectar for honey and the gathered honey was traditionally offered as a sacrifice for Goddess Austėja. The Christian feast, dedicated to Mary, Mother of God, is celebrated on August 15th. That day was also important, as the sacred blessings were given to the herbs that possessed many healing and protecting powers. (P.Dundulienė “Pagonybė Lietuvoje”, 1989 m.)

Another very important ingredient of these incense is amber, also known as Lithuanian gold. The amber was used as incense from the very old times, when paganism was the main religion in Lithuania. Our ancestors burned amber for religious rituals and also for its many healing properties. It is believed that smudging amber cleanses the surroundings, reduces fatigue, balances nervous system and helps to concentrate.

Another incense ingredient, cedarwood, brings peace, takes negative thoughts away, brightens the mood. In Semite language “cedar” means “spiritual power”. It is a symbol of patience and strength. The cedar tree symbolizes strong faith and from ancient times it was used in temples.


Ingredients: bee pitch, amber, cedarwood, frankincense, Palo Santo wood, makko powder.


One box – 10 pcs. of incense.