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Homepage / Handmade Incense “Healing and purifying power”
Homepage / Handmade Incense “Healing and purifying power”

Handmade Incense “Healing and purifying power”


Sudėtis: kadagys, šalavijas, benzoinas, gintaras ir makko milteliai.



On Easter morning our ancestors took a blessed juniper branch and walked through the house, barns, lands and yard trees  – for everyone to be healthy and strong, for a home to be safe from all kinds of misfortunes and darkness. The branch of juniper was burned in the springtime when the animals were taken to the fields for the first time that year. It was believed it will protect them and keep them healthy all summertime. When the storms and thunders came, the juniper was burned, sometimes in the furnace. It was believed that the juniper smoke will clear the clouds. The juniper helps to cleanse yourself from suppressed anger and grievance, painful doubts. It strengthens those who lost their faith in life and bond with Mother Earth. The burning juniper cleanses your home from disputes and unwelcome people’s visits. The smoke of juniper protects from jealousy, backbiting, bad wishes. Juniper unfolds volatile substances that kill bacteria and clean the air. Juniper smoke purifies the environment, helps to maintain vital energy, especially in cases of illness. The breathing of juniper smoke can help to cure the respiratory system.

The juniper attracts pure and healing Earth energy, which is eradiated into the environment, and it takes all the dirty and old stuff from the surroundings, which is no longer needed. The juniper cleanses and grounds, strengthens the energy and consciousness, improves memory, gives power and freshness, fosters spiritual growth. It helps to feel that everything is One, it encourages to realize the law of cause and effect. It helps to see your inner world outside.

It is believed that having juniper berries in the pocket will strengthen your self-confidence. The juniper branches placed at your home will attract fortune.


Now I make my incenses the moment they are ordered, I do not use electric grinders, I grind the herbs and resin and wood by hand with mortar and pestel, it is a slow process but the energy created during this calm and soothing process is also relaxing, calm and tranquil in order to get the best quality incense. Its not only what material ingredients you put in the incenses but how you make them, your well-being as you make them, you can say the secret ingredient is the tranquility itself. Everything is made in nature surrounded by forest, every little cone is shaped by fingers, every cone is a bit different, unique.


Ingredients: juniper, white sage, benzoin resin, amber and makko powder.


One box – 10 pcs. of incense.

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