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Homepage / Handmade Incense “Meditation”
Homepage / Handmade Incense “Meditation”
Natūralūs rankų darbo smilkalai. Handmade natural incense.
Natūralūs rankų darbo smilkalai. Handmade natural incense.

Handmade Incense “Meditation”


Ingredients: benzoin resin, frankincense resin, lavender, amber, makko powder.


The main part of this incense is benzoin resin, which brings a soft coziness and warmth. According to Chinese medicine, benzoin resin is relevant to the nervous system, when someone feels daily tension or his mind is tired. It is said, that benzoin clears the sadness, helps to gain self-confidence and reduces fatigue. Also, it helps to restore spiritual peace for those who feel broken and lonely. In the temples of Buddhism and Hinduism, the benzoin is burned as an incense, which helps to concentrate for meditation.

The fragrance of frankincense (Boswellia) resin is said to be divine and was used as an offering for the gods at the ancient temples. Boswellia helps to balance the human body system, relieves insomnia and has a warming and refreshing yang properties. It helps to calm down, organize the thoughts, it also increases the mood. It can help to find peace for those who suffer from painful memories.

The amber was called “the stone of the Sun” and it was burned as incense. In the seaside of Lithuania, amber was used from ancient times: for jewelry, for medical purposes, and for the creation of sacred fire. It was used to wear as a talisman. The amber was called the symbol of feminine fortune and peace, also a symbol of family health and wellbeing.

It is said, that lavender has strong properties of yin energy, it has cooling and relaxing effects, also helps to reduce fatigue and anger, it clears and calms the spirit.

“Meditation” is the combination of herbs and sacred resins and is very suitable for activities that require peace of mind, relaxation, also concentration. The incense “Meditation” is suitable for those who want to think about important things and make important decisions.


Ingredients: benzoin resin, frankincense resin, lavender, amber, makko powder.


One box – 10 pcs. of incense.



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