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Homepage / Handmade Incense “Tenderness and Warmth”
Homepage / Handmade Incense “Tenderness and Warmth”

Handmade Incense “Tenderness and Warmth”




The sweet and relaxing benzoin helps to regain spiritual calm.

The warmth-enveloping cinnamon acts as an aphrodisiac.

Rose the queen of heart symbolizes the invincible and all-creating power of love.

Healing myrrh gives self-confidence and clarifies the mind.

“Your heart is opened like a rose,

Let God and all his beauty in. ”

(Angelus Silesius)

Now I make my incenses the moment they are ordered, I do not use electric grinders, I grind the herbs and resin and wood by hand with mortar and pestel, it is a slow process but the energy created during this calm and soothing process is also relaxing, calm and tranquil in order to get the best quality incence. Its not only what material ingredients you put in the incenses but how you make them, your well-being as you make them, you can say the secret ingredient is the tranquility itself. Everything is made in nature surrounded by forest, every little cone is shaped by fingers, every cone is a bit different, unique.

The elegant box contains 12 pcs. handmade incense.

Ingredients: Benzoin resin, cinnamon, rose petals, myrrh, makko powder, cinnamon essential oil.