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Homepage / Handmade Incense “Yin Harmony”

Handmade Incense “Yin Harmony”




The famous Greek physician Galen used the terms „hot“ and „cold“, „dry“ and „wet“ when he described the effects of the herbs. When there was the intention to restore the balance between yin and yang energy poles, it was neccesary to combine particular herbs which posessed yin or yang energy characteristics.

While making these handmade incense, we invoke our knowledge and intuition to create incense for balancing yin energy. Also, they are meant to help to calm down, relax, to feel playfulness, inspiration and, step by step, let the confidence, love, peace and harmony come into your heart.


Sandalwood helps to divert sexual energy for achieving spiritual goals, while meditating yogis are certain that the fragrance of sandalwood helps to quiet down the mind and connect with your higher Self.
Chinese medicine uses the cooling effects of sandalwood to balance nervous system. In Ayurveda spiritual practice, the sandalwood is used to release all kinds of fears and dedicate yourself to the Divine will.


Ylang Ylang
Chinse medicine attributes Ylang Ylang flower with the cooling yin effect. This effect can be used to cure heart diseases and remove all kinds of sexual disorders. It helps to reduce stress and irritation.
In Ayurveda, Ylang Ylang and its cooling, moisturizing effect is used as a remedy to harmonize, restore balance, release fears, anger and gain self confidence. Ylang Ylang can help women to restore their gentleness, balance immune system, reduce tention, cramps, negative emotions and headache.


From ancient times, in the world‘s major religions and civilizations rose was considered as a symbol of true love. It was the most revered flower in ancient Egypt, sacred to Goddess Isis herself. Roses are particularly associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. One legend tells that Aphrodite was the creator of this flower, as the first roses sprang from her tears. During the Middle Ages in France, the rose became the symbol of feminine principle.

Chinese medicine uses the rose as cooling remedy to diminish yang energy and balance the human body system. InAyurveda, roses are used to cure diseases, related to fire element. Rose has a suppresive and moisturizing effect, which helps to relieve imflammations.


Chinese medicine attributes Geranium flower with cooling and moisturizing effect, which is related to water and earth elements. It can be very helpful to soothe an irritated nervous system. In Ayurveda, the cooling and moisturising effect of Geranium can help to harmonise one‘s actions, to reinforce nervous system.


Now I make my incenceses the moment they are ordered, I do not use electric grinders, I grind the herbs and resin and wood by hand with mortar and pestel, it is a slow process but the energy created during this calm and soothing process is also relaxing, calm and tranquil in order to get the best quality incence. Its not only what material ingredients you put in the incences but how you make them, your well being as you make them, you can say the secret ingredient is the tranquility itself. Everything is made in nature surounded by forest, every little cone is shaped by fingers, every cone is a bit diferent, unique.


Ingredients: sandalwood, roses, frankincense, amber, bee pitch, makko powder, Geranium essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil.


12 incense cones are carefully and beautifully packed in a white paper box.


Source: (J. Kukenienė „Aromaterapijos kerai“)