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Homepage / Handmade insence “The Shining”
Homepage / Handmade insence “The Shining”

Handmade insence “The Shining”



In the Semitic language „cedar“ means „spiritual power“, it is the symbol of patience and endurance. The cedarwood symbolizes strong faith and from ancient times it was used in the temples. Cedar helps to calm down, clears the mood, and takes away heavy thoughts. It helps to concentrate during meditation.

Myrrh exhilarates, helps to fight apathy, reduces fatigue, calms down when there is too much excitement. According to Chinese medicine, the myrrh tree has yang properties with a stimulating and tonic effect. It is believed, that myrrh helps to retain divine blessing. Myrrh provides self-confidence and clears the thoughts.

Frankincense helps to balance the whole body, also, to fight insomnia. It has a warming and refreshing yang properties. It helps to calm down, organize the thoughts, upraise the mood.

The fragrance of Palo Santo wood helps to clear negative energy in your environment, it clears the thoughts and the mood.

It is believed, that amber disinfects and cleans the surroundings, relieves fatigue, balances the nervous system, and helps to concentrate.

Ingredients: cedarwood, myrrh and frankincense, palo santo wood, amber, makko powder.

One box – 10 pcs. of incense.

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