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Homepage / Sleeping bag with natural herbs and minerals
Homepage / Sleeping bag with natural herbs and minerals

Sleeping bag with natural herbs and minerals




The heather blossomed in the forest, so I went out to pick them! I have heard that they have great qualities, such as: harmony, benevolence. They are also said to save you from feelings of loneliness, and their scent is soothing and induces deep sleep… So I added a few more herbs to this sleeping bag, which also helps to calm and relax, and of course, a couple of minerals.. And who could accompany you to the kingdom of fairy tales, who calmly, harmoniously, would relax, soothe and clear your mind? So.. I added some rose quartz and amethyst pieces..and voila, the bag came to life! The sleeping bag can be placed under the pillow, and if you feel tension or restlessness somewhere in the body, you can hold it on those places while lying. And of course not to mention the gentle aromatherapy for our nervous system, which emanates from this violet, shining bag..

This order is “made to order” as I create a satin bag, pick and dry herbs and buy minerals from a trusted supplier myself.

Ingredients – 100% natural herbs and minerals (minerals not treated in any way that could damage their properties)